CRCHI unveils Super Underground Engineering Equipment at CICEE

Mr. Liu Feixiang, Chairman of CRCHI and Chief Scientist

On May 15th, at the 2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as CICEE), China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as CRCHI) unveiled a boring-cleaving jumbo, which is a newly developed drilling equipment for tunnel construction. This product is independently developed by CRCHI which has two smart and powerful long booms to complete tunnel cleaving process in one cycle within 51 seconds, easy to control and the visual field is pleasant. Maximum 100 meters wireless remote control enables remote control for cleaving in the cab after drilling

Liu Jinshu, Deputy Director of CRCHI Specialized Tunneling Equipment Research and Design Institute, said “This boring-cleaving jumbo is tailor-made for tunnels with unstable rock formations and without the conditions of blasting excavation. It combines drilling operations of rock drill rig and cleaving operations of splitter in one machine, which integrates intelligent drilling, cleaving, bolting and other functions in efficient way. It is the first machine-mounted boring-cleaving tunnelling equipment in China to realize high-efficiency, safety and continuous excavation.” In tunnel construction of Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway, the equipment creates no blasting, vibration, dust and smoke in the boring and cleaving therefore not necessary to evacuate the personnel and equipment frequently. The construction process is safe and reliable, and can be largely applied to tunnels construction such as railways, highways and water conservancy projects with unsatisfactory geological conditions.

The new product unveiled this time is a member of the “Super Underground Engineering Equipment” family of CRCHI. At the exhibition, for the super projects of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, cross-sea passage, vacuum tube maglev, and water diversion into Xinjiang from Tibet, CRCHI launched a batch of newly developed super underground engineering equipment, exhibiting more than 20 new models of TBM and intelligent research achievement , such as intelligent operation of excavation cabin and electro-hydraulic mix-drive control , and 13 sets of intelligent drilling and blasting tunnel construction equipment such as rock drilling jumbo, shotcreting machine,arch trolleys, and boring-cleaving vehicle.

Liu Feixiang, Chairman of CRCHI, told reporters that compared with conventional products, the biggest features of these super underground engineering equipment are intelligent, and they are both customized, green and local made, and have the ability to overcome high-difficult super underground engineering. “Super underground engineering equipment is developed for super projects like the Sichuan-Tibet Railway. It can adapt to the harsh natural environment, cope with super-risk geological conditions, and achieve super-normal long tunnel construction.” Liu Feixiang said.

China’s first large-diameter open-type hard rock TBM

According to Liu Feixiang, the technology system of super underground engineering equipment integrates a new generation of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and other core common technologies of tunnel equipment. It has mastered the original core proprietary technology such as the tunnel surrounding rock parameter identification and processing system, tunnel three-dimensional spatial positioning and measurement system, the instruction execution monitoring and correction system, the integrated system of security risk control and recognition control, and the real-time control and sharing system of big data. These original core proprietary technology can effectively promote the intelligent construction of China's difficult and difficult underground projects.

“At present, we are building robotic tunnel construction equipment with intelligent as the technology symbol. The next step we will lead the industry to intelligent equipment upgrading that integrates artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, cloud computing and machine decision-making.” Liu Feixiang also disclose.

According to information, CRCHI now has the world's largest high-end underground engineering equipment manufacturing base. The company has rapidly grown into a Mass customization enterprise with complete range of underground engineering equipment products and leading level intelligent . After the super hybrid rice, supercomputer, and super-high-speed rail transportation, super underground engineering equipment will also become another new business card of Hunan's "super family".

China’s first super large diameter SPB with cutter replacement under normal pressure


Founded in 2007, China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred as CRCHI) is a member of Fortune Global 500 China Railway Construction Corporation (hereinafter referred as CRCC).

As a professional large enterprise, business of CRCHI covers research, design, manufacture and service of high-end underground engineering equipment and rail track equipment. CRCHI has now established its manufacture bases in Hunan, Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning and Guangdong.

CRCHI aims at World Class, China Leading enterprise, in which an idea is strongly believed: Technology innovates the world, Service leads the future. In this regard CRCHI shapes itself an innovative and service orientated enterprise by realizing Differentiation, Intellectualization, globalization.

CRCHI is benefited from its mother company CRCC to share construction experiences and technique. On this basis, CRCHI promotes innovation which favored him to integrate production, study, research and application together. Now CRCHI has become China Construction Machinery Manufacturer Top 5 Enterprise and World Construction Machinery Manufacturer Top 50 Enterprise.

By the positioning of non-standard, specialized, characterized and customized high-end equipment, CRCHI shapes three industry sections: Hard rock Tunnel boring machine, whose market share reaches to about 80% in China, represented with shield machine and hard rock TBM.Specialized tunneling equipment, which ranks first in China, represented with drilling jumbo and multi-function vehicle.Rail track equipment, whose market share is about one third nationally, represented with turnout, fastener and clip.

CRCHI cultivates an Inclusive, Innovative, Pragmatic, Prudent and Honest enterprise culture,several honors are awarded to CRCHI in recent years, for instance:

  • First Set of the National Major Technology and Equipment Demonstration Unit
  • China Best Independent Innovation Enterprise
  • China Machinery Industry Top 100 Enterprises
  • China Construction Machinery Manufacturer Top 5 Enterprises
  • China Rail Transportation Innovative Top 50 Enterprise
  • Typical Enterprise Successfully Transformed to Service Manufacturing Business Credit Rating AAA Enterprise of China Engineering Machinery
  • Chinese Patent Award of Excellence
  • National Advanced Unit of the Enterprise Cultur
  • Top 100 Corporate Culture Construction Enterprise
  • SOE Ideological and Political Work Advanced Unit. And so on.

For the future, CRCHI will continue to focus on main industries, constantly promoting intelligent upgrading of products, and push high-end equipment into the era of artificial intelligence, becoming the World leader on the overall solution of intelligent tunnel construction equipment and high-end rail track equipment.