Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition (CICEE)2023 to be held on 12-15 May 2023

The first international press conference of 2023 CICEE took place in Shanghai during China International Import Expo. Representatives from 64 domestic medias and more than 10 international medias attended the meeting, including Xinhua News Agency, The People’s Daily, Hunan Daily, Hunan TV. Representatives from 11 national associations and 30 exhibitors among top 50 international construction machinery or spare parts enterprises also attended the grand conference.

Press conference of CICEE 2023 in Shanghai

Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition(CICEE) is co-organized by China Machinery Industry Federation, China Construction machinery society and Changsha Municipal People's Government. Globally, as the only construction machinery exhibition with more than 300,000㎡exhibition area in 2021, CICEE was very successfully held in May 2021. More than 1,450 enterprises participated in the exhibition, among which 32 exhibitors were from the global top 50 enterprises of construction machinery. Nearly 100 professional forums and summit meetings. The admissions to CICEE 2021 reached 300,000 and 3 million virtual visitors visitthe grand trade faironline. Medias worldwide reported CICEE 2021. Indian top1 Construction machinery media NBM &CW made a detailed report of the trade fair in the article titled as “CICEE 2021 sets record with a sprawling 300,000 sqm exhibition space at Changsha, China”. People’s Daily, the most authoritative Chinese media, reported“ the exhibitionis becoming a window to showcase achievements in technological innovation, advanced manufacturing in Hunan Province”

Spectacular CICEE 2021

Shen Yumou, the director of Exhibition organizing committee and director general of Commerce Department of Hunan Provincial delivered a speech in the press conference. He said “The reform dividends of the Hunan Free Trade Zone are being released at an accelerating rate. The multi-layered policy opportunities for economic development are imposed, with unlimited potential and business opportunities, and Hunan's external image and influence have been comprehensively improved. The Organizing Committee of Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition will make full use of international advanced experience to build Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition into a world-class exhibition with high-standard promotion and planning, and high-level construction.

Shen Yumou, the Director of CICEE Organizing Committee

Peng Huasong, Executive Director of the Organizing Committee, vice mayor of the Changsha Municipal People's Government, described the blueprint for the CICEE 2023. The CICEE 2023 is scheduled to be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 12 - 15, 2023. The exhibition area will be 300,000 square meters. It is estimated that 1,800 companies will exhibit and 400,000 person-times will visit the exhibition including 30,000 foreign visitors. The exhibition will sustain the concept of "digitalization, internationalization, and specialization" and the development concept of "openness, tolerance, co-construction and sharing", and achieve major breakthroughs in four aspects.

Peng Huasong, vice mayor of the Changsha Municipal People's Government

1. Re-innovate concept and comprehensively enhanced exhibition core competitiveness

TheCICEE 2023 will focus more to transaction results and insist on making the exhibition a service platform for global construction machinery companies to enter the Chinese market, Chinese construction machinery companies to go to the international market, and international construction machinery manufacturers and international construction companies to exchange and cooperate. Focusing on new technologies, new achievements and new products such as "intelligence, digitalization and new energy" in the construction machinery industry, forming a world-class exhibition highlighted with unique characteristics in Changsha. Using 5G, AR, VR, immersive interaction, new media marketing, digital management tools and other new technologies, new processes and new services, the exhibition promotion, exhibit display, and on-site experience will be further innovated. 10 million virtual visits online will be expected.

2. Expanding on cooperation and comprehensively enhancing international influence

The CICEE 2023 will further increase international publicity and promotion, deepen international agency cooperation, and based on the existing overseas cooperation institutions, develop new foreign cooperation organizations with foreign governments, chamber of commences and associations, construction builders’ organizations, and construction parties and internationally renowned medias. By setting up overseas workstations in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa and establishing an overseas procurement network for the exhibition, with more than 30,000 international buyers and professional visitors’ participation in the exhibition, the exhibition’s international Influence can be greatly enhanced.

3. Re-focus on the platform to comprehensively enhance the service capabilities of the exhibition

CICEE organizing committee will fully play the role of the bridge and link of CICEE to comprehensively serve the development of the global construction machinery industry. CICEE organizing committee has established the Changsha International Construction Machinery Market Research Institute, cooperating with national industry associations. The institute will release the international construction machinery market information once a month, publish an international construction machinery procurement index every six months, and edit and publish "International Construction Machinery Development Report” every year. In this way, the industry media resource database will be established, and domestic and foreign industry media will be united to form an international construction machinery media alliance to create a construction machinery press center with international influence.

4. enrich the activities to enhance the radiation of the exhibition

The CICEE 2023 will further innovate the organization of exhibition activities and expand the influence and radiation of the exhibition., 30 international competitions, industry summit forums, and 100 enterprise business summits will be organized, including the Global Construction Machinery CTO Summit, Global Construction Machinery Industry Chain Conference, Global Construction Machinery Procurement Conference, One Belt One Road Infrastructure Summit, Intelligent Construction Machinery Innovation Competition, and Intelligent construction Machinery Performance Show.

As the exhibitor representative, Dr. Hu Shengli, Chief Representative of Herrenknecht AG, said: In May 2021, Herrenknecht Company was very honored to participate in the "China Construction Machinery Technology Development Summit Forum" held in Changsha by China Construction Machinery Society and CICEE in the same period. As a leading company in the field of mechanized tunneling, Herrenknecht participated in this exhibition. It was a great opportunity for Herrenknecht to demonstrate advanced tunneling technology and project performance to all over the world. CICEE also provide a platform for Herrenknecht to meet many old friends and customers and get to know many new friends and new customers to show builders and contractors from all over the country that Herrenknecht will continue to make contributions to China's tunneling industry. This exhibition has received many praises from the construction machinery industry, and we are also looking forward to participating of the CICEE 2023, where Herrenknecht will once again show the latest tunneling technology.

Dr. Hu Shengli, Chief Representative of Herrenknecht AG

At the press conference, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics and China Foreign Contractors Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the CICEE Organizing Committee.

Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony

Zhou Xianbiao, secretary-general of the China Construction Machinery Society, said in response to a question from foreign media: In order to encourage exhibitors to release new technologies and new products at the exhibition, the CICEE Organizing Committee has set up the "Golden Gear" award and invited industry experts to participate product evaluation and awarding. The award-winning technologies and products have received great attention from exhibitors.

The "2021 China Construction Machinery Technology Development Forum (CTO Forum)" hosted by the China Construction Machinery Society took the new development concept of "innovation, coordination, environment friendly, openness, and sharing" as the theme, and invited leaders, academicians and experts from the construction machinery industry, and the CTOs (Chief Technology Officer) of the top 50 international construction machinery enterprises to release their achievements and plan the future on the forum. Chen Bin, vice chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, interpreted the development plan of China's machinery industry during the fourteenth five-year plan; Academician Yang Huayong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Dr. OemerSahin of the German Academy of Science and Engineering, and Chairman Bian Yongming of the China Construction Machinery Society gave keynote speeches respectively; Executive President Yi Xiaogang of Sany Heavy Industry, Vice President Fu Ling of Zoomlion, and Chief Engineer Lin Mingzhi of Liugong Co., Ltd. respectively delivered speeches; The chief representatives in China of Fraunhofer, AEM and other international renowned organizations had an communication in the honored guest dialogue session.

Zhou Xianbiao, secretary-general of the China Construction Machinery Society

During the exhibition, China Construction Industry Association held a work experience exchange meeting about construction safety with more than 300 Professional experts’ attendance, commending the models and sharing experiences of equipment safety management in construction, and emphasizing the importance of safety in construction machinery.

The activities have been holded by the China Highway Society, China Foreign Contractors Association, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronics, China Construction Enterprise Management Association, China Chemical Construction Enterprise Association and China Railway Construction Heavy Industry and other exhibitors cover road construction, Overseas construction, "Belt and Road" infrastructure construction, construction equipment technology and management innovation, hoisting industry development, underground construction equipment and industrial development and equipment leasing. So various conferences will cover almost all aspects of construction machinery applications.

China Construction Machinery Society will work closely with the CICEE Organizing Committee to further improve the exhibition service quality at CICEE 2023, optimize the content of forums, competitions and other activities in the exhibition, and launch an influential Changsha construction machinery industry report. The voice of China from Changsha will contribution to the technological progress and coordinated development of the global construction machinery industry.

Ms. Yung Han Shen, general manager of Asia Reps Spa in Chile, sent her greets to the CICEE organizer over the phone: Due to the pandemic, we are not able to visit CICEE 2021 in person, but we send congratulations together with many associations in South America, and organize a virtual tour for online visitors. We look forward to the complete control of the epidemic in 2023, when we will organize a 1,000-member delegation to Changsha to visit CICEE 2023. I hope we will meet in Changsha in 2023. Many international media expressed the same expectation in the email.